This blog covers personal financial researches being programmatically defined in software. While investigating different personal wealth management strategies, I felt most information on the web is partial and not well supported (if correlating at all) with their analytic formulation. Because I'm data oriented, I decided to start coding these strategies to thoroughly understand their nature, and support their "introduction" in my everyday cash flow with solid evidences derived from different simulations.

Thus, the intention is to summarize the evaluation of different strategies mentioned throughout the net, but supported by evidences deriving from software simulations. These simulations will originate from software source code contributed as open source for the benefit of the community, in order for everyone to evaluate (and contribute to) the relevancy of the findings.

Posting frequency is not meant to be high, as it takes time to code and gather related evidences through simulations, but hopefully the details will be sufficient to support individuals evaluating same while structuring their personal financial strategy.

Source code will contain comments detailing the rationals relating to said theories and respective web-discussions, in addition to relevant tax laws for everyone to interpret and derive conclusions in terms of understanding and validating evidences (and their software implementations). Similarly, source code is not meant to be efficient in terms of execution time, but rather easily understandable with comments and well-defined block of codes directly relating to said parts of theories.

Do feel free to submit and contribute new strategies. The more different concepts are investigated, the better wealth management strategies can be discussed with competent counsel in the matter.


I will use primarily R for implementation as I believe this is a straight-forward yet extremely powerful framework in forms of scripting language for statistics. Along with the code, there should be different .Rproj files corresponding to project workspaces for the excellent R-Studio IDE. Codes and Scripts validation and Verification were performed in R version>3.0.0 (last test: 3.0.2) and RStudio-version>0.97.551 (last test: 0.98.484).

As per sharing software source code, I will use GitHub and follow a git branching model well-illustrated in successful git branching model.


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